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Ben has over a decade of experience in cleaning projects of all types along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Ben’s formal training and certifications in cleaning include the AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician), WRT (Water restoration technician), CCT (Carpet Cleaning technician), as well as several other certifications from the IICRC. Ben has managed teams involved in cleaning projects around the United States. Ben’s passion for cleaning and leading teams goes back as far as he can remember.
The Cleaning Institute

Bleach is a simple household ingredient that is extremely useful when cleaning the home and removing stains on clothing or linens. The product is easy to use and can be poured or sprayed over different types of surfaces and materials. When you have a long list of projects to perform around the house, it’s important to purchase a bleach product that is effective and isn’t diluted or watered down. We tested the top bleach products to determine which one had the highest value and overall quality. Our top pick is the Clorox Zero Splash Bleach Crystals, Regular Scent, which contains crystals that have a controlled way of cleaning. They’re convenient to use when cleaning fabric and don’t splash, which prevents spills or messes. We made the OxiClean White Revive Laundry Whitener + Stain Remover our honorable mention because it works well with detergent and has 40 percent more whitening power per load compared to chlorine bleach. It’s also a color safe formula and can be added to every load or pre-soaked in water. Our green pick is the Grab Green Naturally-Derived, Non-Chlorine Bleach Alternative Pods because they’re plant and mineral-based and are designed to brighten whites and neutralize odors. They’re easy to use and don’t create messes due to their design.