The Best Furnace Filter 20-x-25-x-4

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Adam has a passion for cleaning from his youth growing up in England, and he has carried it with him to the US. Adam’s formal training and certifications in cleaning include the Advanced System Cleaning specialist (For HVAC cleaning / ductwork), through NADCA (this is the highest certification that NADCA has), as well as several other certifications from the IICRC. Adam has either advised, consulted, or done research with dozens of cleaning and cleaning related business entities. Adam holds an undergraduate degree from Oxford, a Master’s degree from Oxford, and a Master’s degree from Harvard Business School.
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Furnace filters are designed to trap harmful pollutants and particles in the air to prevent them from circulating in different rooms of buildings to create a clean and habitable setting in the home or apartment space. Without a filter, furnaces can’t operate well and can contribute to poor air quality in residential and commercial buildings. We tested furnace filters with a size of 20-x-25-x-4 to narrow down the best options for consumers to purchase for their home or office. Our top pick is the Aerostar 20x25x4 MERV 11 Pleated Air Filter because it has a high capacity and is similar to 3M Filtrate Mpr 1000 to 1200 Micro Allergen Defense, along with Honeywell Allergen Plus FPR 7. It’s useful for trapping dust mites, lint, smoke, pet dander, dust, and mold spores that circulate in the air to maintain a cleaner setting, where residents can breathe easily and improve their health. The Filtrete 20x25x4, AC Furnace Air Filter, MPR 1550 DP, Healthy Living Ultra Allergen Deep Pleat is our honorable mention because it is able to outperform fiberglass and is washable with its non-electrostatic 3-month pleated 1-inch home air filters. The product is designed to be used in residential properties and can trap microscopic particles.