The Best Spray Bottles for Cleaning Up After Pets

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Ben has over a decade of experience in cleaning projects of all types along the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Ben’s formal training and certifications in cleaning include the AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician), WRT (Water restoration technician), CCT (Carpet Cleaning technician), as well as several other certifications from the IICRC. Ben has managed teams involved in cleaning projects around the United States. Ben’s passion for cleaning and leading teams goes back as far as he can remember.
The Cleaning Institute

You need a reliable spray bottle to clean up after your pet and finding a reliable spray bottle can save you time, money and hassle. The spray bottles that manufacturers use for their cleaning products aren’t necessarily designed to last longer than the time it takes for you to empty the bottle. Some of the mechanisms in the sprayer could be faulty, the bottle itself could leak or the adjustable spray pattern may not be effective. When you shop for the perfect spray bottle, all of these problems are alleviated.

A refillable spray bottle you can rely on can be used for many different applications. You can pour your store-bought cleaning products in them, make your own homemade cleaners that won’t irritate your pet and more. The best refillable spray bottles will not leak and the spraying mechanisms are built to last and handle different liquids and chemicals. The idea is to have a bottle you can rely on for many years while using it with various applications, and we took this into consideration throughout our evaluations.

With our years of experience in evaluating cleaning products, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to separate cheap spray bottles from the best ones. We used a few different testing categories to determine the best spray bottles. The Empty Amber Glass Spray Bottles ultimately ended up as our Top Pick, while the Pinnacle Mercantile Plastic Spray Bottles garnered our Honorable Mention selection.