Things You Don’t Want To Think About But Should: Cleaning A Plunger

March 14th, 2019

A plunger is an essential household item. You’ll need to have a plunger on hand so that you have a way to unclog your toilet. However, you also need to remember that your plunger is going to be exposed to some very harmful bacteria. You can’t just ignore your plunger until you need it; you’re going to have to clean it sometimes.

You might not want to think about cleaning your plunger, but this is definitely something that you have to do. Here’s what you should know about keeping your plunger clean.

You Should Clean Your Plunger Before Placing It On Your Bathroom Floor

A lot of people keep their plunger sitting next to their toilet. This makes it easy to grab a plunger if you need it, but it can also cause a few problems. If your plunger is dirty, then you’re going to be getting your bathroom floor dirty as well.

Instead of just tossing your plunger onto your bathroom floor without a second thought, you should clean it after every use. This can be a little bit of a hassle, but it’s worth the effort. Before you have a chance to clean your plunger, you should place it on a rag or a towel rather than your floors.

Make Sure You’re Sanitizing Your Plunger

You can’t just rinse your plunger off with water and call it a day. Your plunger is going to be exposed to fecal matter, which is crawling with bacteria. That’s why you should be sanitizing your plunger after you use it.

You should look for a cleaning product that you can use along with water to sanitize your plunger. There are plenty of cleaning products out there, and there are a lot of people that would be happy to suggest a product that you can use when you want to clean your plunger.

Don’t Clean Your Plunger With Your Bare Hands

The reason that your plunger has to be cleaned is that the device is exposed to a lot of bacteria. You’re not going to want to touch any of that bacteria with your hands. Instead, you’re going to want to put on a pair of gloves before you get to work.

The rubber gloves that you wear in the kitchen should be perfectly acceptable to wear when you’re cleaning a plunger. Protect yourself during these kinds of cleaning projects. Even though you can’t see bacteria, it can still be very dangerous.

Don’t Rush Through The Cleaning Process

Cleaning a plunger isn’t very appealing to most people. It’s definitely not the kind of task that people look forward to. Because of this, you might be tempted to rush to get your plunger clean. Unfortunately, rushing through the cleaning process could leave you with incomplete results.

This may not be a fun project, but that doesn’t mean that you should hurry to get everything over with. Instead, you should take your time and ensure that your plunger is totally clean. If you get the job done properly, then you’re not going to have anything to worry about later on. As the old saying goes, if you’re going to do something, you should do it well.

Clean Your Plunger Even When It’s Not In Use

If your toilet is operating properly, then your plunger is going to spend a lot of time sitting in your bathroom doing nothing. You might think that you don’t need to clean your plunger during these times. You don’t need to clean your plunger all the time, but it is a good idea to wipe it down the next time you’re giving your bathroom a deep cleaning.

Even when your plunger isn’t in use, it’s going to be exposed to the bacteria in your bathroom. You want your bathroom to be as clean as it can be, which is why you should make sure you’re doing what you can to keep your plunger nice and clean.

Cleaning a plunger might not be appealing, but it’s still necessary. If you put in the effort to keep your plunger clean, then you’ll have a cleaner and more inviting bathroom. Don’t ignore your plunger. Pay attention to it and make sure it’s as clean as it needs to be.