Create a Welcoming Foyer

March 25th, 2019

Your foyer is the first part of your home that your guests will see and notice. You need to make sure that your entryway is beautifully decorated, and has an air of welcoming aura for your visitors. Remember that your foyer conveys what kind of personality you have. Create a welcoming foyer that makes a statement about who you are, and be proud of the work of art you have done. The entryway is a significant area in your house where your other rooms are connected to. It is where your guests will first enter before they can see your whole house. When foyer is related to a gift, the foyer is the packaging, where you need to open the box so you can see the treasure inside.

Beautiful light

Create a foyer that allows natural light to grace inside. This can be possible by using glass windows or skylights. Place a small pretty lantern or a table lamp on top of a wooden cabinet that is intended for shoes, umbrellas, coats, and slippers. The natural light is of course perfect during the day, and the artificial lights are for when the night comes. Make sure to choose lanterns or lamps that create a statement about your personality. Most importantly, choose lamps or lanterns that have artistic beauty that can catch the attention of your welcomed visitors.

Create a story

Foyers are typically small spaces, but let it not discourage you from making it a beautiful area in your lovely home. Create a wonderful story in your entryway that speaks highly of who you are. Yu can choose to decorate your foyer with simple things that conveys that you are a simple person, or you can be grand in style which says that you are fashionably stylish. Take note that your foyer’s appearance is like a preview of your whole house, so make it count.

Wood and wood

Make your guests feel welcome not only in words, but also through the welcoming aura of your beautiful foyer. Don’t just put one small table in your entryway, because it is kind of gloomy. You can put a large console table, sconces, a wooded bench mirror, wooded bench, and throw in some ancient clock, umbrella stand, flowers, and throw pillows. Be creative in your foyer, as it a very important part of your home. Just like a book, a foyer is like the title. If the title is catchy, interesting, and unique, readers will surely turn the page and continue reading. But if the title is uninteresting, then readers will either put down the book and move on to the next book, or will just browse through the pages without really focusing on what’s inside. You surely want your home to be remembered and appreciated, right?

Put a carpet

Though your foyer is where people pass through to get inside your house, you should not let your entryway stay dull and uninteresting. Create a grand entrance for your guests by making your foyer beautiful and attractive. After all, your foyer is the glimpse of what is yet to come. Put a gorgeous carpet in your foyer that is filled with remarkable and unique designs and patterns. However, choose a carpet that is highly durable and resilient, because it is a piece of your house that will always be stepped on every day, no matter where you or your family or your guests will go to inside or outside your home.

Be bold with colors

Your house, your rules, your colors. Never be afraid to be bold and wild in your personal interior choices for your own home. Create a bold and beautiful foyer filled with all the colors that you love. Do not decorate your foyer with a design that you know will make you look elegant, or will make your friends happy. Choose your foyer’s colors depending on your taste and preference. You can paint your door red, your walls white, your foyer cabinet with the color blue, and you can even have a floor mat that is rich with vibrant and different colors. You can use all the colors in the color spectrum in your foyer, and no one can stop you from doing so because it is, after all, yours.

Put a place for stuffs

Your foyer must have a dresser, or console table, or chest table for your guests to put their things in, like an umbrella, dirty shoes, coats, rain coats, jackets, hats, and anything else that they brought with them that they should not take in with them inside your house. It is better to go for a wood furniture for these purposes, and create a design that incorporates your furniture to the whole entryway.

Hang a family portrait

Your foyer is a place where all your guests go through. They can enter your living room but not your bedroom, they can go to you comfort rooms but not your kitchen, and so on. Bottom line is, your guests may not be able to enter all rooms and areas in your whole house, but if there is one area where they all will go through, it is your foyer. Always make sure that your foyer is exquisitely beautiful, because your visitors need to see that you are well-tuned with fashion and is very artistic. Your guests will see that you know how to take care of your home, and you are meticulous in your family’s health and well-being. By hanging a family portrait in your entryway, you are creating a statement that you have a united and loving family. And even if not all of your family members are present when your guests arrive, it will still feel that everyone is present because the family portrait will serve as a welcoming beacon to all your visitors. With that thought, choose a portrait that is huge in size, and as much as possible, make it a point that the family portrait you hung is the latest portrait.