Fabric Softener Sheets Vs. Dryer Balls

April 5th, 2019

Traditionally many consumers used to use liquid fabric softeners to freshen their clothing. Yet because these softeners are typically dispensed into the rinsing cycle of the washing machine it tends to leave a residue on the clothes and the interior of the washing machines outer tub. This particular residue is a source for mold and bacteria to grow, and over time the washing machine can start to smell very bad.

Today, many consumers have turned to dryer sheets. The other alternative that is increasing in popularity is the latest dryer balls with many that are chemical free. The dryer sheets are often overused. They are just effective when cut into ½ or/and reused. These sheets contain certain chemicals which can coat items such as towels which makes them less absorbent. These chemicals are also known for coating the sensors which detect moisture present in the clothes which are present in the “automatic” setting in just about every dryer. This can result in longer dry times along with having to repair the appliance more regularly.

Dryer sheets along with fabric softeners are also responsible for clogging up the lint screen in the dryer, which also results in longer dry times. You should test the lint screen on a regular basis by holding it level followed by pouring water (1/2 a cup) over the screen. If the water is not flowing through with ease, your screen requires cleaning.

If you prefer to use a liquid fabric softener you should be diluting the solution in water before you use it. Some of the experts suggest you can dilute the solution as much as 6:1. If you use a fabric softener without diluting the solution if will start to block and clog up your dispensing ports and it can result in odors from bacteria growth.

The dryer balls are the latest alternative that is chemical-free to sheets and softeners. These balls work on softening your clothes by separating and lifting your clothing. This allows more air to pass with ease between the items. At this stage, they are not as popular as the dryer sheets or fabric softeners as they do not leave behind that fresh scent associated with softeners and dryer sheets.

Here is a list of why the dryer balls according to many experts are a better and safer alternative to fabric softeners and dryer sheets:

– The dryer balls lower the drying time as well as help your clothes to dry a lot more efficiently. This translates into saving money and energy.

– The dryer balls are a replacement for liquid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, which means you can save money not having to buy these products every month.

– Liquid softeners and dryer sheets have been linked to causing skin conditions such as eczema, and can also leave a chemical residue in your clothes. The wool dryer-balls, on the other hand, are a chemical-free, all-natural alternative.

– The dryer balls are effective at fluffing up down items like blankets or jackets.

– Dryer balls are free from artificial smells. You can also scent your balls with a natural oil such as citrus, lavender or any other essential oil that you like.

– The dryer balls will last for between 2 to 4 years or more than 1,000 loads, which truly minimizes waste. The fabric softener and dryer sheet containers have to be disposed of and take up a lot of space in the landfills.

One of the issues that are becoming more widely known when it comes to fabric softeners and dryer sheets is that they contain additives and perfumes which can result in serious skin problems. The fabric softeners are extremely allergenic which often result in eczema.

The dryer sheets also contain organic compounds that are volatile such as butane and acetaldehyde, which is known for causing respiratory irritations. Another dangerous ingredient includes acetone, which can result in nervous-system effects such as dizziness or headaches.

Reasons To Use Wool Dryer Balls

These balls are made from 100% wool yarn, that eventually becomes “felted” which makes them incredibly durable. A single set of these balls will last you for many years. This product will also extend the life-span of your dryer and decrease your drying time.