Floor cleaning quiver: Do I need a corded vacuum, a cordless one, and a handheld?

April 29th, 2019

Vacuuming is one of the most important parts of cleaning the home to remove debris and dust that has settled onto the floor. All vacuums are not created equal and will vary with how effective and useful they are to use in each room of the house. When you want to improve the cleanliness and quality of your interior setting, it’s important to know what type of vacuum cleaner you need to ensure you can maintain a tidy setting that you can feel proud to show off.

Uses for Each of These Types of Vacuums

Corded Vacuums

Corded vacuums are one of the most common types of cleaning products, as they have been used for several decades and continue to be favored because consumers don’t have to worry about replacing the battery or charging it in-between uses. Corded stick vacuums are also known to be the lightest on the market, and most of them weigh less than 10 pounds. Using a lighter vacuum means that it can be easier to vacuum without requiring as much strength to push and pull the product while cleaning the carpet or hardwood floors. They can also be easier to carry upstairs or transport. They are also known to take up less space, which makes them ideal to store in small closets or to use in dorms and apartments.

Many people also prefer corded vacuums because they’re more affordable when compared to cordless vacuums. When shopping for a corded vacuum, each product differs depending on how well it cleans.

Cordless Vacuums

Cordless vacuums offer a high level of convenience because they can make it easier to clean quickly without feeling limited to where you can vacuum. You won’t have to worry about unplugging and replugging the vacuum into other outlets just to vacuum in different areas of the house. Cordless vacuums are becoming more efficient because they can hold a charge for longer.

Without a cord, it’s easier to vacuum quickly because you’re not limited to a cord, especially when cleaning wide-open spaces. You won’t have to spend extra time adjusting the cord while cleaning around furniture items or doors. You also won’t have to worry about the cord becoming tangled during the cleaning process.

Cordless vacuums are also known to be safer to use because you won’t have to worry about other residents tripping over the cord. You can also avoid the risk of the cord unplugging from the wall while the device is in use to avoid interruptions that can be time-consuming. They are also less noisy when compared to corded vacuums, which means that it can be used in apartments without disturbing your neighbors or at night, when people in the home may be sleeping.

There are also cordless robotic vacuums that are available, which navigate the house freely picking up debris and dirt. The product needs to be charged when it’s not in use but can save a significant amount of time and energy by doing all of the work for the consumer.

Handheld Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are ideal to use when cleaning up light messes that occur, which don’t require a large corded upright vacuum that is more powerful. Handheld vacuums are extremely versatile and can be used to quickly vacuum the entryway, the couch, or even the car. Some handheld vacuums can even be used in the car and will conveniently plug into the 12V lighter port.

Handheld vacuum cleaners are capable of cleaning hard-to-reach areas due to their compact design. They have excellent suction and a small mouth that allows them to remove crumbs and dirt in the crevices and underneath seats to ensure that all debris is thoroughly removed. The products even include a flat body that allows them to be easy to slide when vacuuming floorboards and seats. Handheld vacuums can even be used to rescue lost items from areas that are difficult to reach. Whether you’ve dropped jewelry or a small toy into a crevice or on the side of the couch, the vacuum cleaner can rescue the product. Place a pair of pantyhose over the nozzle of the device to prevent the item from getting sucked into the appliance.

Many people also prefer using handheld vacuum cleaners because they’re easy to maintain. Most of the models are bagless, which means you won’t have to spend extra money on equipment or bags. They are also more affordable than other types of vacuums on the market and have an average price tag of $50 to $75, which makes them ideal for most budgets. The price may vary if additional attachments are included.

Things to Consider about Your Home When Deciding on What Vacuum(s) to Get

There are many different factors to consider when you’re ready to shop for a new vacuum for your home. The size of your interior setting should be a consideration to ensure that you own a product that is sufficient to clean the entire space. You may need a cordless vacuum cleaner if you have a lot of square footage and don’t want to have to unplug and replug the cord as you work throughout the house. Those who live in smaller settings, like condos or apartments, can consider a corded vacuum that is easy to store due to its compact size.

Your physical strength is another consideration that will influence how easy it is to use the vacuum cleaner. Older adults may want to purchase a lightweight cordless device that is easy to navigate around the home without too much strength being required. Some people may find it more convenient to purchase a corded vacuum that doesn’t require frequent charging and can be used at any time.

Your budget is an additional factor to consider when narrowing down your options on the type of vacuum cleaner that will meet your needs. Shopping around at different times of the year can also allow you to obtain discounts and deals.