How to Get Your Blender Clean

June 20th, 2019

Do you like making smoothies or juice? If you do, then you probably use your blender frequently. But have you ever wondered if you’ve cleaned it properly? Cleaning your blender isn’t exactly as simple as throwing it inside your dishwasher or simply washing the dishes or pan. Cleaning it thoroughly is important to prevent the growth of bacteria that comes from residue that can get caught inside your blender.

But how do you clean your blender? Washing your blender is relatively easy, but it can still be difficult especially if you don’t clean it after every use. Before washing your blender, make sure to be careful with the blades. Ensure that the spout is closed before cleaning, and that the cord is unplugged as well. Take a look at these easy steps you can follow:

  • The first thing to do in getting your blender clean is to set it apart. To do this, detach the blender from the base, and remove the lid. Be careful about the blade that can be found on the bottom of your blender. After that, remove the blade and seal as well.
  • Wash the jar. Cleaning your blender’s jar is important in making sure that food residue doesn’t build up inside it. Use a sponge or dish rag with mild soap to clean the jar, and make sure that you rinse if off from all the soap after. You also have the option of washing the jar inside the dishwasher as well. However, washing the jar by hand is better than putting it inside the blender because it won’t be prone to breakage.
  • Clean the other pieces of your blender. The next step in getting your blender clean is by washing all the other small pieces that come with it. For example, make sure that your wash the blades carefully with water. Also wash the gasket seal and lock ring as well. Rinse the other components thoroughly, and then dry them with a microfiber cloth or leave them to air dry.
  • If there are stains inside the jar, or if you’ve left your blender to sit for a while, then you can run half water and half baking soda solution to remove the residue.
  • You can use a damp cloth to clean the motor of the blender, but make sure that you don’t get the entire base wet. Don’t submerge it entirely in the water, and never put it inside the dishwasher. Wipe the base of your blender and also the cord from time to time to ensure that it is free from any damages.
  • Once you’ve cleaned the blender jar, and all its components, you can then return in or put it back in place.

Some Additional Tips

  • To ensure that you are taking good care of your blender, you can also check the manual for any other special instructions that might be needed when it comes to maintenance.
  • Check if your blender lid comes apart. You can take a look at your manual. Make sure you take these two pieces apart and clean them separately to make sure that not food residue gets stuck inside it.
  • Avoid leaving smelly food residue inside your blender. If possible, wash your blender right after using it. Never put it in a dishwasher as well, because this might only end up scratching it.