Kitchen Organization for the Win

March 1st, 2019

A well-organized kitchen can make the time spent preparing, serving, and cleaning up meals easier and more efficient. Whether it’s baking pans, Tupperware containers, or mugs, finding a place for everything can save time and energy for the things you really want to do, whether that’s cooking or baking.

What to Do With All Those Baking Pans

Baking sheets are a lifesaver for foods commonly prepared in the oven, but they often take up so much space. Forget how big they are when they lay flat; stand them up vertically, and watch them nearly disappear. The thin cabinet that many homes have next to their stove or oven is the ideal place for baking pans. Just slide them right into the cabinet and close the door. If you have spacious, deep cabinets, use a vertical file holder to store them, or add some additional shelves to store them flat. Some ovens have lower storage drawers, which is a great place to keep baking sheets.

Set a Drawer Aside for the Tupperware

After you pair every lid and container, putting the Tupperware away in a designated drawer is the best way to keep these often-used kitchen items under control. Nest the bowls and rectangular containers, and seat the lids, also stacked in size order, next to them vertically. The sides of the drawer will naturally keep the Tupperware lids and bottoms from slipping out all over the counter or floor the next time you’re looking for one of a particular size. If you’re still worried that the drawer will become a mess, add vertical drawer dividers to keep everything stacked in its place. Don’t have a drawer to spare? Pick up some plastic bins, wire baskets or wire drawer kits instead, and customize your cabinets. Depending on the size of your Tupperware collection, this solution might provide the most space-saving solution.

How Many Sizes of Ziploc Bags Do I Need?

If you’re like most families, you need many Ziplock bags. From sandwiches to sliced fruit for snacking, there’s always a need for a plastic bag. When it comes to keeping them organized, try standing the boxes vertically in a drawer for easy access and to view the box labels so you can grab the one you need easily. If you’re out of drawer space, install wire racks under the sink and store the boxes of plastic bags upright. These wire racks and baskets can also be installed inside cabinet doors, under the cabinets, or even inside pantry or basement doors. You can also use baskets and bins to store these Ziploc bag boxes vertically in pantries or cabinets. If you’re eager to ditch the cardboard boxes, buy some short, rectangular plastic containers and arrange them securely in a drawer. Take all of the bags out of the boxes and keep them in the plastic containers, refilling as needed.

Keep High Use Items Close to the Cooking Area

Nothing’s worse than cooking at the stove, needing a utensil, and scrambling for it as your dish overcooks or burns. Make space near the stove for those kitchen tools you use all the time. Old kitchen canisters make great spoon, spatula, and utensil holders for easy access. In a pinch, a large empty coffee can will work, too. If counter space is really at a premium, consider rearranging drawers so that the one with all of the cooking tools is closest to the stovetop. Don’t forget to keep oven mitts nearby as well, and perhaps a rack to hold a dish towel for quick clean up or hand drying.

Do you Need All Those Mugs?

Of course you do! A kitchen full of mugs is a welcoming sight for friends and family who stop by for a quick visit or leisurely stay. Having mugs close at hand is essential for starting the day off right. While some folks make their own mug racks by screwing hooks into stained or hand-painted 2x4s or wooden pallets they’ve hung on the wall, there are many other ways to get creative. Outfit a shadow box with thin hollow metal tubing and fine wire hooks to hold delicate mugs. Or, build your own wall of mug cubbies out of wood. This works well when creating a piece of custom furniture or adding built-ins to the china cabinet or buffet. If space is tight, screw hooks into the underside of your kitchen cabinets or the underside of open shelving to display your mugs and keep them handy.

Let your creativity flow with kitchen organization. There are lots of solutions for every organizational challenge. Feel free to adapt and customize space-saving solutions to best fit the layout of your kitchen and the workflow you’re already comfortable with. When your kitchen well-organized, your mealtime routine can be, too.

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