Laundry Room Hacks We Love

April 22nd, 2019

Looking for a way to do your laundry more efficiently and get better organized at the same time? Here we offer you a selection of helpful laundry room hacks that will reduce the time it takes for you to get your washing done and folded away.

A smart storage solution is one of the most useful and effective additions to your laundry room. Most of the tips we provide here involve implementing some sort of storage solution, which could help keep your laundry room tidy and more space efficient.

Wall Storage for Laundry Supplies

Try to use every bit of available space in your laundry room, including the walls. You could install hooks to hang your shirts and pants, and a hanging wire storage rack for dryer sheets, detergent, and other laundry supplies. And if there is something that gets in the way of maximizing your available space, don’t give a second thought about ditching it.

Drying Rack

Drying racks can be just as effective hanging from the ceiling as they are from a wall. These are especially useful for smaller items that you have just washed, and they allow you to dry clothes indoors without taking up too much space.

Add Shelves in Unused Corners

Most every room has some unused corner that could be used for added shelf space. Installing shelves in the corners also leaves more floor space available, and they can actually make the rest of the room seem bigger and less cluttered.

You will find that there are literally dozens of options in shelves available today. You could easily find sets that will suit your space and taste requirements. You can use these to store laundry items that you need to have easy access to.

Organize with Baskets/Storage Containers

Unused jars and baskets make perfect storage bins for laundry supplies and even clothes. You will want to get large baskets and bins for unwashed laundry and for dry, unfolded clothes. As with shelves, you could easily find baskets that will fit nicely in your laundry room and look good at the same time.

Use Curtains Instead of Doors

If you need to divide a sizable room into sections, consider using a curtain instead of installing a door. Curtains are a lot more convenient for a busy space, such as a laundry room, and you can easily slip through them even with a full basket of laundry in your arms.

Create a Folding Station

Unfolded clothes have a way of accumulating and creating a huge pile in your laundry room, so get them done as quickly as possible. A dedicated folding station not only helps keep things organized, but will actually encourage you to do more folding as well. As an added bonus, having a good supply of folded clothes ready helps avoid those frantic searches for a favorite shirt or a clean pair of pants.

Add Wheels to Your Laundry Baskets/Bins

In the midst of doing your laundry, you don’t necessarily want to be moving huge baskets of clothes around. Consider picking up a few wheeled bins or baskets, which are a lot easier to push and slide out of the way. And if you have to carry a heavy load of clothes from one end of the room to another, wheeled bins will save you considerable time and effort.

Hanging Lint Bins

Depending on how much laundry you do, you might find yourself having to deal with a considerable amount of lint. A hanging lint bin is the perfect solution that will save you the trouble of having to get rid of handfuls of lint every few minutes. With a lint bin, you can simply dump any lint as needed, and empty out the container when you are done with the laundry.

Set Aside Space for Odds and Ends

With almost every batch of laundry you do, there is almost always something that gets left behind. A single sock, a wayward hanky–all these can make up a sizeable pile of odds and ends over time. Keep things organized by setting aside a space where family members can find missing items of clothing.

Add an Organizing Rack to the Door

If you are really in need of additional space, why not install an organizer rack on your door? This will give you another area where you can store laundry items and other essentials, and it definitely won’t take up any more space in a crowded room.

Set Up a Jar For Pocket Change

Coins are another item that often get left behind when doing the laundry. You can simply pocket these if you wish, although a better solution would be to have a jar set up specifically for misplaced coins. You might also want to check pockets before dumping the clothes in the washing machine to prevent them from damaging the interior.

We hope that these important hacks will help you organize your laundry room so that it will look tidier and more spacious. Check out the The Cleaning Institute site for more helpful tips on maximizing space in your laundry room.

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