DIY Heaven – Make the Most of Cleaning Equipment You Already Have

March 1st, 2019

One of the things people actually end up spending a lot of money on throughout the year, without even realizing it, is buying brand new cleaning supplies. The cost for these items quickly begin to add up, but if you are a homeowner or have an apartment of your own, unless you have a cleaning service of some sort, there is simply no way to get around buying these products on a regular basis…or is there?

With a little ingenuity and a couple of minutes of labor, you would be amazed at how easy it is to turn old household items into new cleaning products. With that in mind, we are going to take a couple of moments to show you some of the most effective ways to turn old items you already have lying around your house into new cleaning products, thereby giving them a second life, and saving you some hard-earned money in the process.

Turn Old Beach Towels into Rags

For starters, one of the most effective things you can begin with is to start turning old beach towels into new cleaning rags instead of just throwing them away. Beach towels are notoriously sturdy, which means they are actually much stronger than the traditional bags of cleaning rags that you would buy at the store.

All you have to do is simply cut the beach towel into an equal number of square or rectangular strips, and you will have a brand new set of cleaning rags that are ready to use.

Old Pair of Jeans? Coveralls in Their Next Life

If you or someone you love uses coveralls everyday as part of their work uniform, than you know firsthand how expensive they are to purchase from a uniform supply store. Instead of having to go through all that hassle, one of the options that is available to you is to simply turn old pairs of jeans that you might have lying around into a new pair of coveralls for cleaning.

When cleaning around your house or apartment there are times you want to protect your skin from coming in contact with the cleaning products you are using. Wearing coveralls is an option when cleaning. If this is something that would interest you, you can easily look around the internet for guidees on how to do this, as there are several articles and videos on such sites as Youtube that go into this topic in more detail and show you what to do.

Lime and Vinegar can Accomplish A Lot

Vinegar and citric acids have been used to clean homes for as long as people have been using them as additives in their food, which means for thousands of years. It makes sense when you understand how versatile these natural, chemical free substances are.

You can use them to clean things in your kitchen, such as your microwave and coffee pot, or to remove mineral deposits and stains from various items in your bathroom. These are a great choice to use as household cleaners, as they are cheaper, and far less toxic, than using regular household cleaners around your home or apartment area.

Put Those Used Dryer Sheets to Work

One of the most surprisingly resourceful things you have around your house, especially in terms of the many different ways they can be used to help you clean, are used dryer sheets. They can used as hyper effective dusting rags around the rooms in your home, and can help clean up fixtures in the bathroom, as well as clean off food from cookware that won’t come off easily. Dryer sheets are the unexpected home cleaning implement that just keeps on giving.

Boiled Water Breaks Up Grime

A lot of people are not aware of this, but boiling water is highly effective as a cleaning solution, and it can be used to remove some of the toughest grime stains in your home, Just slightly boil some water and either put it in a spray bottle that can handle a little heat or put it on a highly durable rag. The best part of using boiled water to break grime? It is totally and completely free to do!

While there are several other options that are available to you when you are looking for old household items that you can turn into new cleaning supplies, these are some of the most effective. We put this list together based both on how likely you were to have the items around your home at any given time, as well as how easy it was to actually convert the product into a new household cleaning item. Recycling old items into new ones does not just save you money – it helps to save the Earth we all live on as well.

Meta: Turning old household items into new cleaning equipment is not just a great way to save money – it helps the Earth as well. Read our blog today to learn how.