Avoiding Allergies with Pets – Preventing Dander and Fur Buildup

May 3rd, 2019

You have pets in your home because you are simply a pet lover. You may have dogs or cats, or even have both. But, your love for your pets can be challenged when you develop allergies to your own beloved pets. But, if you truly love waking up to the feel of soft paws and warm bodies near you, then you cannot afford to let go of your beloved dogs and cats in order to follow doctor’s orders to stay away from adorable furry animals. However, there are things that you can do in order to avoid having your allergies triggered and suffer from irritated eyes, runny nose, itchy skin, and other allergic reactions to dander and fur buildup in your own home.

Dander and fur buildup

A super crazy idea is to completely shave your pet’s hair so you will never have to experience any fur buildup in your home so you won’t have to suffer due to your allergies. But, that’s crazy and heartless, and it may solve your fur problems, but it won’t solve your dander issues. It is normal for dogs and cats to shed some furs every day, but the truth is, furs don’t cause the allergies in humans, but it is caused by protein that can be found in their saliva and skin. The only thing you need to worry about dog and cat hair is the bad odor that will emit from your furniture and of course, the sneezing episodes. But it is the dander that can trigger your allergies. Dander are dead skin cells from your dog and cat’s skin that falls off as small flakes into your couch, bed, and everywhere else in the house.

Regular bathing and grooming

You need to bathe your dogs and cats regularly in order to clean their skin properly and reduce the dander and fur buildup problem in your home. Use only the recommended shampoos and soaps from your pet’s veterinarian, most especially those products that features anti-dander properties. Make it a point to brush your dogs and cat’s hair every day in a place where you can easily dispose of the falling hair. Brushing will remove the loose hairs and will get rid of dander, and you can control the falling of triggers to your allergies in your house.

Monthly spot treatment

Consult your veterinary about monthly spot treatment for your dogs and cats in order to prevent getting fleas or ticks that can cause dander in your pet’s skin, which in turn causes symptoms for your allergies. You can buy spot treatments at a local pet shop, or you can trust in the expertise of a veterinarian to do it for you. In case that the monthly spot treatment did not work, use insecticides to kill any larvae and fleas in your home. Or you can so far as to buy flea collars for your pets to repel fleas from getting in contact with your pets fur.

Air filter installation

It is a good idea to install air filters inside every room in your house. These air filters does not only remove typical pollutants and impurities inside your home, but they can also get rid of pet dander. However, if for some reason you cannot afford to buy air filters for all the rooms in the house, an alternative way is to safely cover your air vents using cheese cloths. This will refrain pet dander from circulating around your home through the air vents.

Regular house cleaning

To prevent you from having triggered allergy episodes in your home, you need to clean your house every day. Vacuum your furniture, carpets, and whole floor at least once a week, or twice a week if you have time in order to eliminate fur buildup and dander buildup. Make sure that you give extra attention to the nooks and crannies of your furniture, especially in the sofas where your dogs and cats love to rest in. Clean properly the areas where dander and fur typically gathers, like the windowsill, drapes, baseboards, and lampshades. It is also advisable to process steam cleaning for your carpets and drapes at least once or twice a month for thorough cleaning.

Clean beddings, pillows, and blankets

It is a nice feeling to be woken up with a lick from your dog and a clingy hug from your cat, but their presence in your bed will surely trigger your allergic symptoms. But if you don’t have the heart to ban your beloved pets from your room, you need to make sure that you always have clean beddings, pillows, and blankets. Use an allergen-proof blankets, linens, mattress, and pillow cases, as these materials can trap the pet dander and efficiently prevent you from inhaling the dander. And you need to change your pillow cases, blankets, and bed sheets once or twice a week to avoid having dander and fur buildup in your sleeping quarters.

Proper diet

One of the primary causes of dander is the lack of proper nutrition for your pets. Feed your dogs and cats with all organic and natural dog or cat food, and avoid feeding your pets with unhealthy food. With healthy food, you dogs and cats will have healthier fur that will not shed easily, and they will have healthier skin that will reduce the risk of having pet dander. Always pay attention to the food that your pets consume, and your reward will be freedom from fur buildup and dander.

Regular visit to the vet

Don’t just bring your pets to the vet when they are sick. Make a regular appointment for checkups, as the vet can provide expert and professional advice on how to ensure that there will be no dander produced by your dogs and cats. The vet can offer treatments and solutions to your dander problems, but the bottom line is, your dogs and cats will not have dander if they are extremely healthy in the diet, and completely happy with their furry lives.