Get Rid of The Junk Drawer

April 18th, 2019

Every homeowner knows that they have at least one junk drawer in the house. It can be anywhere, from the dining room, library, bedroom, or even the kitchen. Basically, the junk drawer lives up to its name because serves as a shelter for all unused, unknown, and unclassified objects. For example, junk drawers hold various things like paper, rubber bands, batteries, and many other objects that don’t really have a purpose yet.

The thing is, your junk drawer really doesn’t do anything. It simply acts as the dumping ground for various things. It’s the last place people choose to look at or even organize. Because of this, all your stuff just tends to pile up, increasing all the useless stuff in your home. Getting rid of your junk drawer will have a great effect, and it can also help your find anything that you need much easier. It will also help save you time and effort as well. While it can be easy and quick to simply put your things inside the drawer, it will be hard for you to find something that you need whenever the time comes. But how do you get rid of the junk drawer?

Check What’s Inside It

The first thing to do when getting rid of your junk drawer is by clearing it out and finding out what is actually inside it. Prepare a spot on a table or counter. Make sure you’ve laid out some newspapers because you wouldn’t want dirt or dust from your junk drawer to pile up on your table as well. Empty your junk drawer on the surface.

After that, you can start sorting the items into piles, according to their purpose. Once you are done arranging the items according to their use, you can then label them and separate them by how often you use them. You might also be able to find some items that already have a place in your home, and you can now return them to their proper place or storage. Some of the categories found in the junk drawer are:

  • Office supplies
  • Small tools
  • Paper and plastic
  • Paper clips
  • Batteries

Throw Some Things Away

While you are categorizing the items that you got from your junk drawer, you will begin to realize that there will be things that need to be thrown away. Not everything can be separated or sorted out. But how do you determine which are the ones that need getting rid of? Go through the items and discard trash, along with all items that you think you’ll need in the future. Do you really need to keep all the old and used batteries? Also check if you’ve used or looked for a particular item over the past year. If you haven’t, then it means that you probably don’t need it, or you might have already replaced it.

Make Space for the Useful Ones

For other useful items that don’t have any other place where they can be stored, you can now think of a place where to store them. If you found some extra candles or stationery in your junk drawer, you might want to consider adding them to your party supplies storage. Find a place for all the remaining items and think of the best way to store them so that it won’t end up cluttering your home once again.

Begin to work through the hurdles of the items you have left to find the best storage option for these items. This might mean getting creative and inventing a new storage place for these items.