Things in Your House You’re Not Cleaning Enough

May 30th, 2019

Most homeowners have already mastered their cleaning routines for their homes. Some may choose to clean the bathroom, kitchen and do the laundry during certain times of the week, and some may even do it daily. These routines then become easy to remember and execute as we get used to it.

However, despite having your own list, there might still be areas that you are forgetting to clean. Dirt, dust and grime will build up over time, and it is important to make sure that you are cleaning things and areas in your home that need to be cleaned. Not being able to clean certain things in your home can lead to the spread of germs and the risk for diseases.

You might be scrubbing the floors and washing the windows. But are you really cleaning some of your things as often as they should be? What are the things in your home that you might be neglecting overlooking cleaning? Below are some of them:

1.Your Dishcloth

You use the kitchen every day, and the items in it will collect all types of oils and bacteria. While you may be wiping your counters, you may be neglecting your dishcloth. It is important to watch your dishcloth after each use so that it doesn’t accumulate all the oil and bacteria from growing.

2.Your Ceiling Fan

You might not notice it, but dust is constantly accumulating as you use it. What you can do to clean it is to use a pillowcase. Place the pillowcase inside the edges of each of your ceiling fan blades. This will wipe out the dust as you pull out your pillowcase. Also make sure that you reverse the direction of your ceiling fan as seasons change.

3.Your Doorknobs and Light Switches

How often do you use your doorknobs and light switches? These are the things that we use everyday, and yet we probably forget about cleaning them. Every time you open that door or switch on that light, you are spreading bacteria, and this can accumulate on your door knobs and light switches. What you can do is to wipe them with a cloth or spray them with disinfected as often as possible.

4.Your Washing Machine

Another thing that you might not be cleaning enough is your washing machine, or your washer dryer. It doesn’t mean that because you wash your clothes in this home appliance, is that it won’t require cleaning itself. As you use it, the dirt form your clothes can start to accumulate in it. What you can do is to clean out your lint trap regularly, preferably once a month. You can also load it with hot water and bleach from time to time.

5.Your Remote

Your remote is similar to your phone, doorknobs and light switches, because you also use it regularly. You may not know it, but you are constantly touching your remote with dirty hands, which causes it to accumulate bacteria and dead skin cells. To clean it, wipe it with a cloth or disinfectant at least once a week to get rid of the dirt.