Closet Organization Tips

March 27th, 2019

An organized closet helps you find everything easily, and it also informs you of where certain types of clothes are. For example, if you need to wear that black dress to a party, you would know exactly where to look.

If you don’t know when was the last time you cleaned your closet, then it may be time to consider doing this task. Organizing your closet will help you take more control of your life and your clothing items as well. But how should you organize or clean out your closet? Although organizing your closet will differ depending on your lifestyle and the kinds of clothes you have, below some tips that can help you make this tiresome and time-consuming task easier:

1.Stack Your Clothes

Stacking your clothes can help you save space and it will also help make your closet look neat and organized. A lot of clothes can be folded and stacked on top of each other. For example, you can stack all your jeans in one area, and you can also do this for other clothing items such as shirts, sweaters or undergarments. Folding your sweaters will also help it preserve its shape, because it loses its shape when you hang it on a hanger.

2.Arrange By Category and Color

Another way you can organize your closet is by arranging it by category. Stack up your skirts, jeans, shirts, and other clothing pieces according to their type so that you will be able to know exactly what clothing items you have. Along with this, you can also arrange them by color. You can arrange it by shade, and keep the black and white ones on either end of your closet.

3.Hang the Delicate and Bulky Items

You won’t have enough space to hang everything clothing item you have, and it isn’t also advisable. However, make sure you hang delicate clothes such as dresses, lingerie, skirts, or other expensive or heavy items like your suits, blazers or formal wear. Make sure you also hang all your clothes in one direction, and make sure you group short and long items together as well.

4.Use Matching Hangers

Your closet will look disorganized if you have various colored hangers. It would look visually unappealing as well. One other tip to organize the look of your closet and give it a simplified look is by using matching hangers. However, make sure that you buy hangers that will work best for the majority of your clothes, or all of them. For example, don’t use wooden hangers if you have a lot of clothes that are made of silk.

5.Roll Your Clothes and Use Storage Boxes

For basic items such as shirts, leggings, or shorts, you can organize your closet by rolling them and putting them into storage boxes. This organizational method can help you save space while making sure that your closet looks neat as well. You can put your storage boxes, baskets, clear plastic boxes into drawers as well.