How Often Should You Be Vacuuming Your Floors?

April 11th, 2019

If you have carpeting in your home, then you know that you need to be vacuuming. However, you may not know how frequently you should be using your vacuum. If you want to keep clean carpets, these are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

You Should Generally Be Vacuuming About Once Each Week

For most households, vacuuming about once weekly is ideal. There are obviously exceptions to this; if a room doesn’t get any foot traffic, you can go without vacuuming with it for a little bit longer. In addition, it’s not a big deal if you can’t vacuum your floors for a week or two because you’re out of town.

With that said, vacuuming about once weekly should help you to keep your carpets looking great. If you’re vacuuming regularly, then you won’t have to spend a lot of time running the vacuum; you’ll be able to clean your carpeting right away.

You May Have To Clean More Frequently If You Have Pets

If you have pets in your home, particularly pets that do a lot of shedding, then vacuuming once a week still might leave you with a bit of a mess. Pet owners may find that they need to be vacuuming at least twice each week.

Pets can be a joy, but they can also create a lot of mess quickly. It’s best to stay on top of this mess by vacuuming on a regular basis. The more your pets shed, the more you need to vacuum.

You Should Keep Your Vacuum In Good Condition

If your vacuum doesn’t seem to be picking up a lot of stuff, you’ll want to take a closer look at it. It’s possible that the vacuum bag is full and needs to be emptied out. It’s also possible that the vacuum hose is clogged.

If you have a lot of carpeting in your home, it’s smart to invest in a quality vacuum. You’ll want to take extra steps to ensure that the vacuum remains in excellent shape. If you take excellent care of your vacuum, then you’ll be able to count on it to properly clean your carpets.

If Your Carpets Are Very Dirty, You May Want To Make Some Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve noticed that your carpets seem to be fairly dirty, even when you’re vacuuming on a consistent basis, then you might want to look at how you’re using your home. If you allow people to wear shoes in the house, you might want to ask people to start removing their shoes at the door. You might also want to look at your vacuum and ensure that it’s working properly.

Cleaning your carpeting shouldn’t be an unmanageable task; it’s something that you should be able to do without any issues. If you feel like your carpets are always dirty, you’re going to want to find out why.

You Shouldn’t Just Vacuum Your Carpets

Frequent vacuuming will definitely keep your carpets looking great. However, you may want to use your vacuum in other rooms of your house as well. A vacuum can help you to clean upholstered furniture, and it can even be used on hardwood flooring.

If you’re using your vacuum on your carpets and nothing else, then you might want to take the time to see if there are some other places where your vacuum can come in handy. It’s great for cleaning rugs, furniture, and flooring of all types.

Give Your Carpets The Occasional Deep Cleaning

Approximately once each year, you should have your carpets deep cleaned. You can rent carpet cleaning equipment and do this yourself, or you can hire cleaners that will take care of your carpeting for you.

A vacuum can clean the surface of your carpeting, but deep cleaning can make sure that every part of your carpets are cleaned. This can also help you to keep your carpets in great condition for a long time.

If you have questions about vacuuming, you’ve hopefully found some answers. A vacuum is a very handy household tool, and you should be sure that you’re using your vacuum properly. Take a look at your vacuum and your vacuuming schedule. Decide if you should be doing anything differently.