What You Can and Can’t Put in the Dishwasher

June 3rd, 2019

Most people think that having a dishwasher is as easy as putting everything inside it and waiting until everything gets spotlessly cleaned. But did you know that there are certain rules to follow when you have a dishwasher? While most kitchenware and utensils can safely be washed inside your dishwasher, there are still other items that will get damaged when you decide to place them inside.

There are certain practices that need to be followed when it comes to using the dishwasher so that you won’t end up ruining your kitchen silverware, equipment, pots, and pans. Below are tips you can follow so that you will be armed with the right information of knowing which ones are allowed inside your dishwasher, making sure that your dishes remain spotless and well-maintained:

What Can Go Inside Your Dishwasher

Below is a list of things that can be washed inside your dishwasher:

Cutlery, Silverware or Tableware

 Basically, you can place your basic cutlery such as your forks, spoons and knives inside your dishwasher. They are dishwasher safe because they are designed to be used daily. Regular washing won’t really harm your basic kitchen utensils.

If you have silverware, these can also placed inside your dishwasher.  However, make sure you polish your silverware after. This is so that you are sure that they still remain shiny. The liquid from the dishwasher tends to dull up their shine as you constantly place them inside your dishwasher, and this means that you would also need to polish or wipe them regularly.

For Plates and Other Glassware

Plates are made for the dishwasher, and almost all kinds of plates can go inside it. Nonetheless, make sure that you get rid of all the excess food on the plates before placing them inside and turning your dishwasher on.

As for your glasses, most of them can also be placed inside your dishwasher. However, make sure that you place them upside down. However, if you have crystal glasses, wash them by hand, because placing them inside your dishwasher will only cause them to crack and break.

Stainless Steel Utensils and Microwave Safe Plastics


If you have stainless steel silverware, then you can also place them inside without having anything to worry about. However, make sure that there aren’t any wooden handles. Plastic that is also microwave safe can be placed inside your dishwasher as well.

What You Can’t Put Inside Your Dishwasher

As for the things that aren’t allowed inside your dishwasher, take a look at this list below:

Anything That Is Made From Wood


Any kitchen item that is made from wood can’t go inside your dishwasher. The heat and water from your dishwasher will only lead to discoloration, and the wood will come off as well.

Porcelain and Crystals

Fancy china or porcelain, especially the hand painted ones are also not allowed inside your dishwasher, because the powerful jets that come from the water will only damage them.

Plastics That Aren’t Heat Resistant And Aluminum

While most microwave safe plastics are safe to use on your dishwasher, there are also others that will lose their shape. Make sure you check before placing anything inside. Aluminum pans will also be ruined inside your dishwasher, so make sure that you don’t put them inside.

Non-stick Pans, Rubber and Cast Iron

The Teflon coating from your non-stick pans will be ruined, and rubber will become deformed once you place them inside the dishwasher. Cast Iron, on the other hand, will then start to chip off and rust once you place them inside your dishwasher.