Kids Bath Toys: Is There A Way To Keep Them Clean?

March 12th, 2019

Children definitely enjoy having toys to play with when they’re in the path. Unfortunately, these toys can get dirty pretty quickly. If you’re sick of dealing with dirty bath toys, there are a few different strategies that you can try out.

Choose Toys That Were Designed To Be Used In The Bath

You won’t want to give your kids any old toys to play with when they’re in the tub. A lot of toys weren’t designed to be submerged in water. These toys will get dirty in no time at all. You’ll be much better off if you focus on toys that were actually designed for the bath.

There is a huge selection of bath toys out there, and you should have no problem finding toys that appeal to your children. Don’t let your kids bring their favorite toys with them into the tub. Focus on buying toys that are bath-friendly instead.

Find The Right Way To Store Bath Toys

One of the biggest reasons that bath toys tend to get dirty is because of how they are stored. You shouldn’t just leave these toys sitting in the tub all of the time. Instead, you should try to find some sort of container to store them in.

If you find a safe place to keep bath toys, you’ll find that they stay a lot cleaner. It’s a wise idea to rinse these toys off before you toss them into their container.

Sanitize Bath Toys From Time To Time

our bath toys are going to start accumulating bacteria after a while. A good way to fix this is to sanitize some of the toys that your child uses in the bath. Find a quick and easy way to sanitize all of these toys. For example, you might want to toss them in a bucket of sanitizing liquid before rinsing them off.

You don’t have to sanitize bath toys after every bath, but you shouldn’t go too long without cleaning them. Since these toys are going to be sitting in the water that your child is bathing in, you won’t want them to be covered in bacteria. Periodic cleaning can do you a lot of good.

Rotate Tub Toys

Do your kids play with the same toys every time they’re in the tub? If you’re using the exact same toys in every bathing session, you might not have the time to give them the deep cleaning that they need.

An easy way to avoid these kinds of problems is to switch out the toys that your kids use in the tub. For example, you can have two sets of tub toys you can switch between. If you do that, then you’ll have more than enough time to clean their bath toys before their next bath rolls around.

Pick Quality Bath Toys

Cheaper bath toys are more likely to get dirty quickly. These toys are also likely to have other problems. For example, if toys are made with cheap dyes, some of those dyes might come off in the water.

Instead of buying cheap toys that won’t last for very long, you should try to buy well-made bath toys. You might want to read reviews to see what other parents have to say about bath toys.

Don’t Be Afraid To Toss Toys Out

You should definitely do your best to salvage bath toys before throwing them away, especially if they’re toys that your child really enjoys playing with. However, you shouldn’t feel like you have to keep toys forever. If you notice that a toy is extremely dirty, the best thing that you can do is toss the toy out.

Bath toys aren’t designed to be used forever. Eventually, a toy is going to get too dirty to use. Try to purchase new toys for your children to play with while they bathe every so often. That way, your kids won’t be too upset if you have to throw an old toy out.

If you are worried about how clean or dirty your kid’s bath toys are, you should try to find a way to keep those toys as clean as you want them to be. Even though bath toys get messy quickly, you can avoid a lot of mess by sticking to these suggestions.