How To Properly Organize Your Laundry Room

March 11th, 2019

What kind of shape is your laundry room in? If your laundry room is messy, you definitely aren’t alone. However, you should figure out how to organize your laundry room. Keep these suggestions in mind if you want a neat place to do laundry.

Have The Right Supplies

It will be difficult for you to keep your laundry room tidy if you’re missing a lot of essential supplies. Take stock of your laundry room and put together a list of things that you need. Could you use a few more laundry baskets? Do you need a place to hang your clothes as they dry?

Look at the state of your laundry room and think about the items that you’re lacking. Try to pick up all of the things that you need so that your laundry room will be fully stocked. You’ll want to make sure you stock up on things like laundry detergent and fabric softener as well.

Make Sure There’s A Place For Everything

There’s an old saying about keeping things clean. As the saying goes, there should be a place for every item in your room, and you should work to keep those items in their place. However, if you don’t have a place for your laundry detergent or dirty clothes, it isn’t going to be long before your laundry room is a disorganized mess.

You shouldn’t just lament because your laundry room is messy. You should take a good look at the room and figure out why it’s messy. Which items don’t have a place? Find the sources of the mess and work to solve those problems.

If you have a cramped and small laundry room, you might feel as though there simply isn’t enough room for everything that you need to store. You should focus on using the space that you do have efficiently. For example, make sure that your laundry baskets are stackable.

It can take time to find the right place for every item in your laundry room, but with a little bit of practice, you should be able to get things figured out. Once you know where everything goes, keeping your laundry room clean will be easy.

Stay Organized

If you’re behind on laundry, you’re probably going to be in a hurry to get everything done. You might toss a lot of clothes into the washing machine just so that you can get them clean.

You should set aside a weekend to get completely caught up on your laundry. From there, you should develop a laundry schedule and work to stick to it. It’s a good idea to place a whiteboard in your laundry room so that you can stay on top of your schedule and avoid falling behind again in the future.

Clean While You Do Laundry

It’s likely that you already have a lot of cleaning to do. Since most people that visit your home won’t be looking at your laundry room, it’s likely that it’s the room that will be overlooked while you focus on other cleaning projects.

Instead of setting aside time just to clean your laundry room, you should try to clean as you do laundry. If you notice that your laundry needs another 10 minutes in the dryer, you should spend those 10 minutes tidying up your laundry room. Use those extra minutes to keep your laundry room clean. You’ll be able to see the difference before long

Look For Sources Of Inspiration

Start looking at images of other laundry rooms that are very well organized. Pay attention to how people are keeping their laundry rooms neat and clean.

You should try to find pictures of laundry rooms that are similar to yours in size if you can. People have found plenty of great ways to keep their laundry room organized. You should see if any of the methods that other people have used to keep their laundry room clean might work well for you.

Properly organizing your laundry room might be a big task. After all, laundry rooms can get pretty messy. With that said, if you have a mission in mind, you should be able to get your laundry room all cleaned up and make sure it stays well organized in the future.