The Classic Sponge

March 1st, 2019

There is nothing revolutionary about sponges, but they prove to be an essential cleaning product that has been used for decades in most households. A classic sponge that is constructed with an abrasive side makes it possible to tackle grimy surfaces throughout the home and use a product that has a high level of versatility without too much elbow grease involved. The product should have a high level of durability to ensure that it can hold up well to frequent use without wearing down or falling apart. Spaghetti sponges are also increasing in popularity for their ability to be used without soap. Silicone sponges are also one of the most durable sponges on the market and can last for several years.

Sponges can be used on all times of surfaces to remove the buildup of grease, grime, and residue but are still gentle enough to prevent excess wear from occurring on countertops or toilet seats. They’re commonly used to wipe down countertops, clean out sinks, scrub toilet bowls, and even clean grout on tile floors, which make them necessary to have on hand for daily use. The durability and rough texture of sponges make it possible to lift stains off of the dining table or residue on dishes to ensure that different surface areas can be kept clean and maintain their appeal with dirt and grime that is eliminated.

Freshening Spray

Freshening spray is essential to have on hand to remove odors and create a pleasant setting that creates a comfortable environment for residents. Freshening sprays can include natural ingredients like essential oils to prevent toxins or chemicals from circulating in the home with soothing aromas that offer health benefits. The top essential oils to add to refreshing sprays include lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus, clove, and lemon. The oils can be swapped out depending on the season or the room that they’re used in throughout the house. Add five drops of one essential oil scent to distilled water and shake well. The spray can be placed in a plastic or glass spray bottle for a household product that is easy and affordable to make on your own throughout the year.

Freshening sprays are extremely versatile and can be used in different rooms and surfaces. Consider spraying the couch to remove odors that have settled into the fibers. The spray can also be stored in a bathroom to mask odors.

Some freshening sprays also have antibacterial properties to ensure that they can kill germs, viruses, and bacteria in the home to maintain a cleaner and more habitable environment. Adding baking soda to homemade sprays can also allow it to have a deodorizing effect when used on fabric, linens, and upholstery throughout the house. Spraying the mixture onto the curtains will also prevent them from smelling like dust over time.

Set Ladders Can’t be Underestimated

It can be challenging to clean higher surface areas in the home or on the outside of your property without the use of a ladder. A ladder is an essential type of cleaning equipment that can be used to wipe down blades on ceiling fans or to remove debris in rain gutters. Without the use of a ladder, it can be dangerous and ineffective to attempt to reach high surface areas while cleaning. Some extension ladders extend to seven or 10 feet, which should be a consideration depending on how you plan to use the product.

There are many types of materials to choose from when purchasing a new ladder. Some ladders are constructed with fiberglass or aluminum, which has a high level of durability. Research the performance of the product in advance to ensure that it will hold up well with how it’s used. Ladders that are used outdoors should have a high Duty Rating to ensure that the materials don’t break down easily, especially when exposed to environmental elements.

Always have someone hold the base of the ladder when it’s used to keep it stable and planted on the ground while performing different cleaning projects.

Carry Caddy Will Never Lead You Astray

A carry caddy that is used to store all of your cleaning products will prove to be convenient to use and functional as you clean each room in the home. You can save time with a caddy that allows you to have every cleaning product and tool within reach instead of having to make multiple trips to where your cleaning supplies are stored, whether in the laundry room or under the sink. The caddies can also be stored in rooms that require the most cleaning and can contain polish, window cleaner, a squeegee, sponges, cleaning cloths, antibacterial wipes, dusters, bin bags, and rubber gloves.

An empty caddy can also be available in the home and filled up with specific products for certain types of projects that are performed on the property.

No Garage Without a Push Broom

Push brooms should be a staple to have in every garage to ensure that dirt and mud are removed from the floors effectively and thoroughly in each season both in the garage and in the home. Push brooms are designed to maintain hygienic standards and should include stiff and short bristles that have more strength and prevent tiny particles from being left behind while sweeping. Push brooms are ideal to use over large surface areas due to their size and can easily push around heavy debris to contain the mess. The brooms can also be used on other areas on the property that require cleaning where dirt, leaves, or fine particles are present. Choose a product that has a sturdy handle and is comfortable to use when applying excess strength. Some push brooms even include a soft material on the handle for extra grip and comfort.

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