How to Clean Your House After Having the Flu

June 26th, 2019

Did you just suffer from flu? If you did, then it is important to make sure that your home is gotten rid from any remaining germs or viruses that come from the flu. This way, further illness will be prevented. The flu can affect the whole household, if the germs aren’t properly taken care of. Proper disinfection will also help prevent the risk of others getting the virus as well. But how do you clean your house after you just had the flu? What are the things you should do to prevent further illnesses to those who are in your home?

1. Clean Your Beddings

Most people stay in their beds when they have the flu, and this means you’re your bedsheets and all other beddings absorb the virus while you have it. Your pillowcases, the duvet covers, and other bedclothes become infested with germs. It is important to clean them after you are well, or even clean them on a daily basis even if you are still sick. You can spray disinfectant on them. However, it is important to make sure that all beddings are machine washed, at a high temperature after the flu. This also applies to your clothes and towels and well.

2. Let Your House Breathe

Once you’re feeling better, you should also air out your home. Allow fresh air to enter your home, so that you can replace the old air. This way, you will be able to circulate the air inside your home, allowing to get rid of the stale air that is probably filled with germs and other viruses.

3. Disinfect Your Bathrooms

Disinfecting your bathroom is also important as well. You can wipe the surfaces with disinfectant wipes, and you can also spray your whole bathroom with a disinfectant spray as well. You may also want to make your own, use bleach and water and apply it to the surface, letting it sit for about five minutes. Make sure to rinse thoroughly. Also, make sure to wash the hand towels, and make sure to clean any other bathroom items that may have touched the sick person’s face or mouth, such as toothbrushes.

4. Wipe Down Kitchen Counters

Although the kitchen isn’t really a popular destination for those who are sick, they still need to be disinfected. Make sure you wipe down the counters and disinfect points of contact like light switches, the refrigerator handles, the faucet, and even the drawer handles as well. This also includes the doorknobs in the other places in your home as well. Clean the dishes or any utensils that may have been used by the person who had the flu, and also get rid of the garbage as well.

5. Sanitize and Disinfect Electronics

At this age, electronics and tech devices are some of the most used items in any home. After the flu, it is important to disinfect your electronics. This includes your mobile phones, laptops, keyboards, and any other touchscreen devices that you may have. Also make sure to disinfect your television remote as well.

6. Disinfect Your Children’s Items

If there are children living in your household. It is also important to disinfect and sanitize items like toys, dishes, sippy cups, and other children’s items. You can soak them in a solution in a bleach solution. However, make sure that you rinse them thoroughly.