How to Wash Your Suitcase (Which Is Covered in Germs)

June 27th, 2019

Do you travel often? If you do, then you’re probably aware that an airplane isn’t really the most hygienic place when travelling. As a traveler, you will also probably ensure that you remain bacteria free, carrying alcohols and disinfectants to keep you safe from harm. But have you ever thought about your suitcase? Many travelers may not think about it that much, but your suitcase can become a breeding ground for various bacteria and germs. You carry your suitcase everywhere, and expect it to bring a lot of germs with it. Your suitcase is exposed to various types of bacteria before and after every travel. As you travel, your suitcase is handled by various people as well. You may even find yourself leaving it in some of the dirtiest places like airport floors, bathrooms, railway platforms, and even the muddy streets in the places your travel to. Cleaning your suitcase is essential to make sure that such bacteria is gotten rid of, so that risk of allergies and other diseases are prevented. But how do you clean your suitcase?

1. Empty Your Suitcase

The first step towards cleaning your suitcase is by clearing up the contents. Check the pockets and empty them. Remove forgotten items like maps, coins, or even jewelry. Remove the airline tags and stickers as well.

2. Disinfect

The next step towards cleaning your suitcase would be to disinfect it. You can buy some disinfecting wipes, and test it in an area in your suitcase, making sure that the material doesn’t get damaged. Wipe your suitcase, along with the handles and the wheels. You can also use a rag to clean your suitcase as well. If you think your suitcase has been infested by bed bugs, then you can spray some bedbug killing spray that can easily be bought in the market.

3. Check the Material

The way you will be cleaning your suitcase will depend exactly on the material. If your suitcase is made from cloth, you can wash it with an antibacterial cleaner. You may even wash it at a high temperature and tumble dry. However, if your suitcase is made from leather, you will need to use an antibacterial solution on the leather.  After that, put some leather polish on the suitcase. You can also have a professional cleaner to take care of the interior cloth.

As for suitcases that are made from plastic, you can make your own antibacterial solution to clean it. Mix in soap with warm water, and use a rag to clean your suitcase with it. After that, you can let your suitcase dry under direct sunlight.

4. Handles, Zippers, and Wheels

You can use a brush to clean the wheels of your suitcase. As for the handles and zippers, you can use a hand sanitizer to wipe them clean.

5. Air It Out

Once you’ve cleaned your suitcase and disinfected it, make sure to air it out for about two days before closing it completely. To keep it smelling fresh and to combat other odors, you can put some camphor balls, charcoal pouches or unused soap bars inside it. Put them inside an old sock. This way, moisture and odor will be sucked away from inside your suitcase.