How to Get Off Stickers That Have Gone Through the Washer

June 5th, 2019

Do you have children in your household? If you have, then you might often encounter them sticking stickers on their clothes, and this can be quite difficult to wash, especially if they aren’t removed before washing. What happens is that the paper of the sticker will get washed away, and your left with that residue that is very sticky. If this often happens, it can ruin or destroy a lot of your children’s clothes. But how do you remove these stubborn sticker residues on your kids’ clothes? Below are some tips you can follow:

The way on how you can remove sticker residues on clothes that have gone through the washer will differ depending on the type of fabric that the clothing has. Below are some of the most common ways on how you can remove sticker residue on your clothes:

For Natural Fibers

If the affected clothing is made from natural fiber, you can remove the residue by spreading it on a table. Put in a towel or another cloth behind the sticker stain or residue, and then dab it with a clear acetone or nail polish remover. Rub it on the glue residue, but make sure that it is dry. The white spots should then start to peel or vanish away.

For Synthetic Fibers

On the other hand, if the clothing is made from synthetic fiber, what you can do is to put the shirt or whatever piece of clothing into the freezer first so that the glue begins to harden. After the sticker residue has frozen, take off what you can, and then dab the shirt with a wet microfiber cloth with dish soap in order to get rid of the sticker residue. After that, you can then soak the clothing in warm water for approximately twenty minutes, and then let it air-dry.

Below are some other methods you can try in order to remove sticker residue:

By Using Masking Tape

You can also try removing the residue by using masking tape. You can do this by laying a masking tape of the loose sections of the residue.

By Warm Or Hot Vinegar

Using hot, warm or lukewarm vinegar can also help loosen and remove sticker residues as well. You can also place a cloth under the affected area, and then scrape the sticker residue off by using warm, hot, or lukewarm vinegar. After removing the entire residue, you can then place the clothing back for another turn in the washer.

By Dishwashing Soap

You can also use microfiber cloths to remove sticker residue. Use a microfiber cloth mixed in with dishwashing liquid to remove the residue.

By Acetone

Acetone or polish remover, as previously mentioned, is also effective in effective in loosening and removing sticker residue on clothing. However, make sure that your aren’t using it on an acetate fabric, because the acetone can potentially melt the fabric.

If you’ve tried all these methods and nothing seems to be working, you can still have it removed by taking the clothes to a professional dry-cleaner. Dry-cleaning facilities have the necessary equipment to get rid of the stains and residues on your clothing.