Tips for Controlling Clutter

June 6th, 2019

De-cluttering your home is a good thing, but making sure that it stays that way should also be part of your plan as well. After cleaning up your home and getting rid of all the clutter, you need to make sure that it doesn’t come back. But how do you do this? What are some of the strategies you can do to make sure that you control the clutter inside your home? Below are some tips to follow that will help you control clutter:

Copper Cookware

If you have pots, pans and other kitchen materials that are made from copper, make sure that you don’t scrub them harshly, because this can ruin the tin lining on it. What you can do is to soak them in warm water to get rid of oils and other stains that may have stuck on the material. You can also soak it in a warm dishwashing solution before washing it. There are various copper cleaners available in the market which will help you maintain the quality of the material.

Don’t Bring In Unnecessary Stuff Inside Your Home

One of the primary tips to consider is to set your mind not to bring in any items that will just end up cluttering your home. For example, whenever you come a across sales, make sure that you are buying something that will have a place in your home, or something that you will actually use. Don’t end up purchasing an item just because it is on sale. Make sure that you will have a place for any new item in your home, because not having a place for it will only end up making it become clutter.

De-Clutter Every Once In A While

Even if you apply this type of strategy, your home will most likely end up accumulating clutter as time goes by. There will always be all those unwanted and unnecessary stuff in you home, and many homeowners tend to accumulate clutter without really noticing it. In order to prevent this, you can de-clutter your home once a year, or if this seems to be overwhelming for you, you can plan de-cluttering according to your preference. Some people will prefer to do it once a year, while others like to have 15-minute routines daily, weekly or monthly cleaning and de-cluttering.

Scale Down Your Possessions

If you have tons of items that look the same, then you can probably downsize and choose to keep just a few. For example, if you have ten white shirts that look the same, then you can probably only keep five of them. The same goes for things such as your old report cards. You can simply choose to keep a few instead of keeping everything in one box. It will just add up to the clutter.

Use Boxes

If you really can’t seem to let go of something, then you can probably keep in a box for the mean time. If you don’t seem to remember it after a few months, then it will probably be safe to let go of that item without having to worry if you’ll end up looking for it.

Invest In Good Storage Areas (Bins, Cabinets, and Shelves)

Another way to make sure that you keep your clutter contained is by making sure that you have designated storage areas for your things. You can use baskets, bowls, shelves, or even boxes. These things are good storage places where you can keep a lot of items according to category.

You can also use your furniture are storage places. A lot of household furniture already has storage in them, and these can be very useful for controlling clutter inside your home. For example, a lot of sofas already have storage areas underneath. A chest can also store your blankets and act as a coffee table in your living area.