How to Properly Clean Your Car

June 24th, 2019

Every car owner wants their car to be clean and shiny. However, car washing isn’t really an easy job or chore to do. Regularly cleaning your car contributes to making it look great and along with preventing premature wear and tear as well.

Cleaning your vehicle regularly will help with maintenance. However, while washing a car may also be therapeutic for some people, it isn’t that simple. There are still proper ways or methods of cleaning a car, and certain precautions need to be taken in order to make sure that your car doesn’t get scratches during the cleaning process. You should never forget to use the right tools for cleaning, along with the proper methods of doing it. Given that you are equipped with the right tools, equipment and methods; you can clean your car the proper way.  What are some of the tips you should take note of?

Steps for Proper Car Cleaning

  • The first step to washing your car properly is to wash away all the dirt first. Remove all the dirt from the sides of your car by using a garden hose around your vehicle’s surfaces. Make sure to wash off the undercarriage, along with the wheels and arches of your car too. Letting dirt buildup in the area will make your car vulnerable to rusting.


  • After washing off your car’s surfaces, you would need to soap it clean. To do this, prepare two buckets. One bucket should be a soapy solution or soapy water, while the other one should only be filled with water. Dip a wash mitt, sponge or squeegee inside the soapy bucket, and then wipe an area of your car. Next, rinse the mitt or squeegee in the water bucket before plunging it inside the soapy water again.


  • Once you’ve finished cleaning the surfaces of your vehicle, you can now use the soapy water again to clean your tires. Use a brush to do this. Brush the openings of the wheels with the thin brush and scrub the sides as well.


  • The next step would be to rinse your vehicle. Using your hose, rinse your car in order to remove the soap and dirt that you’ve scrubbed on the surface. After rinsing, wipe your car with a microfiber cloth, and let it air dry naturally. Having a blower may speed up the drying time.


  • When your vehicle has already dried up, you can now apply certain car products (if you have any) to protect the surface. Such products may include spray sealants, which is something that you put as your car is drying off. You can also wipe your car with a lint-free cloth as well.
  • You can also wax your car. You can do this yourself, you can ask a professional to do it. If you’re going to wax your car, make sure that you use a grit-free wax to do it. This enhances the look of your car, and makes it look more clean and well-maintained.
  • Also make sure to clean your windshield and glass surfaces. Having clean windows are essential for driving and it is therefore important to make sure that you clean it as well. You can apply window cleaning products on your glass surfaces too, and wipe it with a microfiber cloth.
  • After cleaning the outside of your car, make sure you don’t forget about the interior. Vacuum the interior and get rid of the dirt from the dashboard, carpet, and even the seats. You can also apply products to protect the leather inside your vehicle as well. Also make sure that you take the upholstery to the laundry if it can be removed.