Preventing the Dirty Dish Pileup

May 7th, 2019

Most people will most likely have experienced washing the dishes, and everyone will agree that it isn’t really the best chore out there. What’s even worse is having to wash a sink that is piled up with dishes.

Because the kitchen is probably the busiest rooms in the house, you’ll often find your dishes just piling up on the sink, especially during meal preparation. Most homeowners even end up ordering take-out or eating out because it’s easier that having to clean your sink and battle the number of dirty dishes that need to be cleaned.

But can the uncontrollable amount the dirty dish pile-up be controlled? How can you cut down on the amount of dishes on the sink to help you save time, energy, and probably even water? Consider these tips below:

Try to Own A Fewer Number of Dishes

This may seem drastic, but it actually makes sense. If you want to reduce the number of dishes on your sink, then you can try to cut down on the actual number of dishes that you have. Do you really need that many? It may be time to check your cabinets and get rid of the ones that you don’t really need.


Clean as You Go

Another method to prevent pile up is by washing dishes as you go. While it’s obvious that you are still washing the dishes, this is still a way to cut down the pile that you’ll be tackling by the end of the day. The reason why sinks tend to get filled with dishes is actually because many people postpone this task to the end. This makes it much more tedious because people need to wash a large pile instead. It’s also easier to wash dishes immediately after as well because the residue hasn’t stuck to your utensils or plates yet.

The One Meal One Pot Rule

Sometimes, the process of meal preparation also results to a pile of dirty dishes. Another tip in preventing such thing from happening is by using a single pot for your meal. This method of cooking can be achieved through meal planning. Try looking or researching for recipes online that only uses one pot when it comes to preparing it, or those that don’t need the use of too many kitchen pots and pans. A lot of these meals are easy to make and enjoyable.

Use Only One Glass for Water Daily

Using the same glass for water daily can also help reduce the amount of dishes that pile up on your sink. You can ask the members of the household to try and stick to using one glass for their water and other drinks daily. This practice helps prevent other people in the house from reaching out or replacing their glass multiple times during the day. For example, if there are four people in your household, assigning them with one glass per day will significantly reduce the number of dishes on your sink. You’ll end up washing only four glasses by the end of the day, instead of eight or more!