Ways to Make Cleaning up Less Miserable

May 8th, 2019

Cleaning isn’t really the most enjoyable household chore that most homeowners need to deal with. Finding the joy in it can be extremely difficult, and most people may feel lazy or bored whenever it comes up. This makes cleaning more difficult to do, even if we need to get up and do it.

But the thing is, we can actually try to make cleaning fun and enjoyable. Similar to tasks like exercising or going to the gym, we can also work on some tactics and methods to make it more worthwhile, taking it off our checklist of things to do. But how do we make it seem less miserable? Below are some things and ideas which you can incorporate into your cleaning routine:

Dance and Make It a Workout

Who doesn’t like music? Cleaning while your home alone can be fun when there’s music involved! You can make a playlist, and play it as you work your way around each part of your home. It can help set the mood for your cleaning, which also motivates or encourages you to move.

While you are moving to the music, completing each task can also increase your heart rate, meaning that you’ve burned some of those calories. You’ll even be burning more calories with harder chores like mopping the floor or cleaning the bathroom. You can put on a calorie tracker once you get moving and set a goal, or check how much calories you’ve burned after every cleaning session.

Listen to That Audiobook

Cleaning can also help you catch up on some of your “reading”. You can put on your earphones before starting the task, and play an audiobook while you clean through all the rooms in your house. Make this a habit, and you won’t even notice that you’ve finished a book in no time. You’ll learn new things, while making cleaning less miserable.

Use Good Equipment

Having the wrong cleaning products can also make cleaning much tougher than it already is. To make it less miserable, you can invest in good cleaning products or equipment to make it easier, thus, making it less miserable. You can buy a lot of microfiber or quick-dry cloths for cleaning, and a good vacuum that works great. Upgrade your cleaning equipment and supplies so that you won’t have to stress about finishing each task.  

Involve the Kids

Involving your children during cleaning can also make it less miserable. You can play games with them while doing chores. Here are some examples:

  • Try guessing how long each task will take to complete, and set a timer for it to check if you and your kids had the right guess.
  • During clean-up, choose a color and ask your kids to pick up items of that color.

Treat or Reward Yourself After

While you can think of ways to make cleaning less miserable, it is still a tiring task that requires energy. To help make you feel better, make sure that you also reward yourself for all the energy and hard work you put into completing this task. It doesn’t have to be something that’s grand, even small rewards can work as well. Cleaned the house today? Order deliver and skip cooking dinner for the night.