Mice Are Gross: What to Do When You See Mouse Droppings

June 28th, 2019

Have you seen mouse droppings in your home? If you’ve seen them left on your kitchen counters, or in the corners of your home, then this is pretty much a sign that you have some unwanted visitors in your house. The presence of mice in any home can be stressful, and it also poses a lot of threats and health risks as well. Aside from giving you a headache and gnawing on your stuff, they can also chew electrical wiring in your home, putting your home in danger. They can also bring in various diseases in your home.

Have you seen mouse droppings lately? If you have, then it is definitely time to address them. How do you do it? What measures have to be done? Below are some helpful tips on what to do when you see mouse droppings:

  • Wear some gloves, and if there are a lot of droppings present, you can also wear a facemask before tackling the job. Open your windows or doors and ventilate your home. This will get rid of possible harmful particles in the air inside your home.
  • Spray on the infected area. You can mix in a disinfectant, putting together water and bleach. Dilute bleach in 1 cup to ten cups of water ratio. After that, use a spray bottle and cover affecter areas or surfaces with it. This can also include some suspected nesting areas as well. Leave it for a few minutes.
  • Once you’ve let the disinfectant mix and soak, you can now wipe down the affecter areas. Make sure you discard the paper towels that you’ve used properly. Get rid of other contaminated objects or materials as well.
  • Disinfect other areas. You may also want to clean your floors and kitchen countertops. Never forget to wash your hands with soap once you’re finished with the task.

Getting Rid of Mice

  1. Set Up Traps

One method to get rid of mice in your home is by setting up traps. Catching mice is one of the sure ways to get rid of them in your home. You can set up as many traps as you can, ranging from snap traps and sticky traps, or even other traps that may think of. Make sure you set up bait for them. However, once mice discover that you’re setting up traps, they will work less effectively.

  1. Mouse-Proof Your Home

Mice have entered into your home because they found a way to. Mice can squeeze through small holes, cracks or gaps that can be so small, you can probably put your finger in it. What you can do is to inspect your home and find possible entry points for mice. Check your stairs, your home’s foundation, and any other corners that may be exposed. You can try putting wire mesh on possible entryways or put in some caulking to cover and plug holes that you were able to find.

  1. Call A Professional

If you’ve done all the possible ways to get rid of them but you still see mouse droppings, then you might want to ask the help of a professional. Make sure that the ones you ask help from are experts in rodent infestation. Ask for possible recommendations or references.